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Hot Blond French Maid

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When I think of French maids I think of brunettes, not blondes. I don’t know why. I spent a lot of time in California and most of the maids there are Hispanic, which means they always have dark hair. Not this French maid.

This is of course Kali Rose. She’s beautiful no matter what she is wearing, but in a French maid outfit it’s super sexy. Kali Rose does not have much cleavage, but this outfit she is wearing for us here seems to show off her little cleavage nicely.

Slowly Kali Rose lifts up her little French maid skirt and shows that she is wearing a little black thong. And most likely Kali Rose is not wearing much more. It doesn’t get much better than this.

I wish I had a French maid. If I did I would I would dress her up just like Kali Rose here and make her clean my entire house. And yes, I would watch her the entire time. You know – I am a pervert like that. I like to watch. And watch Kali Rose I would.

After my house is clean I am sure I would find something else for Kali Rose to do. Perhaps she could bathe me…. Or just bend over.

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