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Sexy Purple Dress

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Wow, Dixie Dash cleans up well and looks rather stunning in this sexy purple dress…. Good enough to eat; Almost good enough to take home to mother!

Well, maybe presenting Dixie Dash to your mother in this sexy dress might not be the best idea I ever had. But I’d still hit it!

dixie dash sexy purple dress1

I can’t tell if Dixie Dash looks sweet or innocent here, or if she’s a sex vampire ready to pounce on the first unwilling victim she comes arcoss…. As if any of us would be unwilling to spend some high quality bonding time alone with Dixie Dash naked….. I know I’d gladly take one for the team if so called for!

dixie dash sexy purple dress2

I wonder if she’s wearing panties here. In fact, I spend a lot of time wondering if women in general are wearing panties.

I can’t figure out if Dixie Dash is sweet and innocent or slutty. I’m leaning towards slutty!

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