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The Most Perfect Breasts

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So many women, so little time. But if I had the chance I would make sure Destiny Moody was at the very top of my list. You know, I would prioritize her. Oh just easily too. I mean, how can ou not put Destiny Moody on the very top of your list? Those eyes, those cheeks – that perfect make up. Her body is perfect, flawless. I know I throw that term around a lot, but all kidding aside, this one has a perfect body. Those legs, that ass… And those breasts. I know I am a breast man and how much I love breasts, and she’s just got perfect breasts.

If only all women had breasts like Destiny Moody. If only.

I am so thankful we have the Internet so chicks like Destiny Moody can take off all of her clothes of us and make money selling access to her site. Before the Internet we used to fap fap fap off to pictures in a magazine. Now you have everything, access to everything, and you can even drop her a message and let her know how you really feel.

Those are some beautiful knockers.

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Destiny Moody

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