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Destiny Moody And Her Perfect Little Ass

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Once again I feel I must state I am a breast man, but I will never turn away from a beautiful ass. Who wouldn’t want to tap a sweet ass like this? Twice in an afternoon….

Destiny Moody is a lot of things to a lot of different people. But no matte which angle you are looking at her she is nothing short of sheer perfection. Even from behind she is just beautiful.

One of the things I like about Destiny Moody is that no matter what she never seems to have a bad day or a bad photo. I’ve never met her, so I always thought that she got her nick name because she was the type of chick that had a more bad days than good days and often in a bad mood. She doesn’t seem to be moody at all to me. She always seems to be happy and upbeat. I like happy upbeat chicks with no drama. Yum.

I love the way her thong rides up her ass like this…. Yes, I would hit this doggie style in a heartbeat!


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Destiny Moody

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