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Candice Brielle Is Super Sexy In This Swimsuit

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Sometimes these solo girl chicks are just too freaking hot.

This is none other than Candice Brielle. I like her. I like everything about her. I like blondes to begin with – sort of rare these days because every woman is a damn brunette – and she has all of the right proportions too. Nice rack, great legs, great ass. The glasses are a huge fucking turn on too. Glasses on chicks are always a massive freaking turn on.

Today we have Candice Brielle in a sexy tight swimsuit and of course her glasses. I think I mentioned this once before – Most times when porn chicks wear glasses it’s a prop. But in the case of Candice Brielle I think it’s not a prop. Every time I see her she is wearing these glasses. I think she is as blind as I am although plainly I can see exactly how beautiful she is.

Who would say no to her? I know I sure wouldn’t.

I wish Candice Brielle would stand up in this swimsuit so I can see the rest of her…. And then I would love to see her peel off that swim suit and show off her beautiful bare breasts. I can just imagine her going skinny dipping…. I know she is the kind of girl that enjoys skinning dipping on a regular basis for sure!

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