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Cowgirl Misty Anderson

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I am working remotely today and I don’t have my massive stash of solo girl pictures with me today. So I had to go “old school” and hunt for some images of Misty Anderson today. Took me a few minutes but sometimes that’s half the fun. Misty Anderson went through some stages. There was the early solo girl stuff, heavy on the lesbian stuff but that’s always fun, then of course when she had her own website which is my favorite, and then there was the older stuff…. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Misty Anderson, but the “older stuff” isn’t nearly as sexy or hot as the solo girl stuff. I am still friends with Misty Anderson to this very day and she is still smoking hot. But that older stuff makes her look old, used, and overly made up. I like the all natrual look.

The older stuff, oddly enough, is easy to find. The solo girl stuff is more difficult. This is because with the older stuff those sites are still online, while her solo girl site has come and gone. Which is a damn shame. Her solo girl stuff is smoking hot. I am not intersted in making money off of Misty Anderson at this point. Sometimes I post just to post.

Look at how perky Misty Anderson was. I would let this cowgirl ride me.


Beautiful face, great body, perky tits…. Misty Anderson is falwless.

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