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Brooke Marks Still Marks The Spot

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I couldn’t tell you how excited I am that Brooke Marks is back. I’ve always had a little sweet spot for her. Not only is Brooke Marks super easy on the eyes, but she has more fucking personality than all of the other solo girls combined. There is just something about her. I’ve seen lots of videos from lots of girls (thousands and thousands of videos from hundred of girls) and none of them come close to the personality that Brooke Marks has. She’s amazing.

She is sexy and funny all in one. I love how Brooke Marks curls her lip just a little bit when she is trying to be snarky.

Look at her rack. She doesn’t have the biggest tits in the world but what Brooke Marks has is just utterly perfect. Bigger is usually better, but trust me you wouldn’t be settling with the rack Brooke Marks has.

I think the best part about Brooke Marks might be her hair. Yeah, I know, you thought I would be saying her ass. While her ass is impressive, it’s her hair that turns me on. Most of the solo girls we see today have short hair and are brunettes. It’s not often we see a real blonde with real long hair like this.


The only thing Brooke Marks is missing here is high heels, although I am sure she has a closet full of them.

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