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Ariel Rebel Shows Off Her Ass

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If I had a tight ass like Ariel Rebel I would show it off as much as I could too. Right? If you’ve got it flaunt it, and clearly Ariel Rebel has it.

I know it’s July, America first, blah blah blah, and I am posting up pictures of a Canadian but… Let’s face reality – if Ariel Rebel was in your bed even on the Fourth Of July you would surely not kick her out of bed. In fact, I wouldn’t even kick Ariel Rebel out of bed for leaving crumbs behind after eating cookies. She can also bring her friends too. You know, Ariel Rebel likes the girls as much as we do. Yum.

Seems Ariel Rebel was on a walk when she suddenly decided to pull down her pants and bend over to show us her little tight Canadian ass. Seems she is wearing polka dot panties – How perfect is that?

Ariel Rebel strikes me as the kind of chick that is always so much fun. I’ve met her a few times so I can tell you that Ariel Rebel is a blast. I kid you not once time up in Canada – Yes, I went all the way up to Canada to meet Ariel Rebel – and she too me out to an arcade. Yes, and old fashioned arcade. It was a blast.

Imagine just having fun with Ariel Rebel.

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