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Stunning Serena

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I like new things. And shiny things. I wish everything was shiny. Oh, and I discovering new teen girls.

I swear to god it must be “girls in cowboy hats today” day, because it’s rare that I post two of these back to back. Yummy.

serena cowgirl1

As you can see, this chick is named Stunning Serena. Pure teen hotness.

There’s a number of logical explanations for this series of photos. It might just be she lives out in the styx, owned her own cowboy hat, and thought it would make a good idea for a photo shoot. Or maybe….. She heard that Rochard gets all hot and bothered when he sees teen chicks in cowboy hats and he’s rumored to take in stray young models and she wants me to be her sugar daddy.

serena cowgirl6serena cowgirl8serena cowgirl3serena cowgirl4

I’d be her sugar daddy all right. But only if she rides on top of me while wearing that hat!!!!

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