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Rebel’s Matching Bra And Panties

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I am not sure what is the hottest here – Ariel Rebel is wearing a pink bra and matching panties and green thigh high stockings with her legs spread. This is really hot but odd. It’s hot because thigh high stockings are always hot. However, it’s pretty clear Ariel Rebel didn’t pick this. A man must have picked this outfit. Ariel Rebel wouldn’t pick pink panties and a matching bra with green thigh high stockings. They just don’t go together. Maybe if the thigh high stockings were black – that would work. That with some black high heels. You know the kind of high heels I am talking about.

Then again, Ariel Rebel is so freaking short she needs to wear high heels. Ariel Rebel is barely five feet tall. And tiny too.

Look at the smile Ariel Rebel has on her face. That priceless.


I bet you Ariel Rebel is super tight. She just has to be!

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