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Sexy Blonde Alexis Monroe

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I don’t post about Alexis Monroe nearly often enough. Right here in this picture she looks like a Bong Girl waiting for James Bond in his hotel room like a good little girl. (It might be possible I was just watching a James Bond movie earlier.) She’s waiting for him, and when he comes in she’ll do whatever it takes to please him… Because Alexis Monroe is just that kind of girl!

Look at that ass, that thong – those high heels. Some men really do live the life now don’t they? The question is if you walked into your hotel room and found Alexis Monroe like this what would you do? Would you have the balls to take care of business or would you chicken out? Would you be like “What the fuck are you doing here?” or would you just play it cool like “What’s up baby?” and then make yourself at home. I’ve been here and done this; I just rolled with it.

Not sure if I would have the balls to this with Alexis Monroe.

This reminds of me of a story… One time at a porn convention in Vegas there was this company that wanted to do business with us. They knocked on my door and this guy was standing there with a hot blonde chick in a plaid school girl skirt. He introduced himself, told me he wanted to do business with us, and then offered me “Candy” for the next twenty-four hours for a little bit of anything I wanted…. Ah, the porn industry can be so much fun.

I wish I could have Alexis Monroe do anything i wanted for twenty-four hours. I wouldn’t waste a single moment.

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