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Blonde With Giant Boobs

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The bigger the boobs the better the fuck! And XO Gisle has some of the biggest boobs of them all!

While I love to look at them, sometimes chicks like XO Gisle annoy the fuck out of me. A chick like XO Gisle can write her own ticket; She’ll never need to work a damn day in her entire life. All she needs to do is look good and smile and give an occasional blow job and will always have a steady group of men willing to do anything she wants. Sometimes I wish I could take a chick like that and treat her bad and make her do the dirty stuff just to remind her that she isn’t all of that just because she has big tits!

If I ever had the chance with XO Gisle I swear there is only one position I would ever consider fucking her in…. I would want her to be on top. I want to see those big huge boobs bouncing around. I want to see those huge boobs bouncing up and down the entire time she is riding on top of me like she was riding a young bucking bronco.

I also love the lipstick and the big blonde hair XO Gisle has!

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