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Lesbians Rock

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Who doesn’t like young lesbians?

This is Aften and Athena. They are from a small little website called TNV Girls. This stands for Thursday Night Video. No idea where the title comes from. When I was a kid I used to watch Friday Night Videos on TV – music videos, way before MTV. Maybe this is similar. TNV Girls has been online since 2000 or so, pumping out hot solo girl content for twenty-three years. Just like FTV Girls they too have been very consistent which is hard because nineteen year old chicks from 2000 and today are very, very differnt.

I’ve never heard of a chick named Aften before, but make no mistake in my mind I would hit that until the cows come home.

Who doesn’t like watching two nineteen year old lesbians going at?

God bless TNV Girls and their smoking hot teen chicks!

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