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Hot Girl Next Door

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There has always been a lot of talk about that “girl next door” on the Internet. One company made a brand of it. But if you think about it, every chick was at one point the “girl next door”. Most chicks went through high school and or college and eventually moved out into an apartment and… Yes, lived next door to someone. And you wanted to bang that chick so hard. I too had my “girl next door” – which ironically ended up being my first model. She had huge tits.

Madden is the girl you wished lived next door. Super hot! All Madden needs to do is pull down her pants and show off her cute little pink undies and you are all over that like a bear to honey…. What a great little ass she has!

madden bent over1

When she takes off her shirt and all she has on is her pink panties and matching bra and her sexy slutty little black high heels… Oh my lord that is too much for the average man to handle!

madden bent over2

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