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The Shortest Shorts Ever

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I swear this job never gets old… I can sit here and look at chicks like this and write about them all day long.

This looks like she might just be wearing the shortest little pair of shorts I’ve ever seen. Her name is Adrianna and she has the most perfect little ass ever and they fill up those shorts just perfectly. Any bigger and her ass would be hanging out and any smaller and that ass would be a lot less entertaining. Yes, Adrianna has the perfect little ass.

The look Adrianna is giving us is priceless. It’s almost like she is daring us to follow her. Of course we want to follow her. We would follow Adrianna anywhere she wants to go. With an ass like that who would say no to her?

Then again on the other hand, I bet getting Adrianna out of those tight little shorts would be a damn pain in the ass. Yet at the same time I bet you she would be more than willing to take them off for us. She’s just that type of girl!

I wonder what Adrianna looks like from the front. The shirt she is wearing must really show off her rack nicely.

I guess you will have to check out This Year’s Model to figure out what she looks like!

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