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Spencer Nicks Has Huge Cleavage

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Over the past few years I’ve clearly got a thing for boobs. I like boobs of all types, but big boobs is where it is at. I am not sure what I was in the past. Perhaps at one  point I was into long legs. I know I love women in high heels and short skirts. I was never much of an ass man, however.

Then you have Spencer Nicks. I mean, I knew she has boobs, but I guess I never noticed exactly how big her boobs are. Those boobs are… Well, they are huge. Just how I like ’em.

I know you must like big boobs too. All men like boobs. Chicks too. That’s a fact Jack. Then again, most chicks are lesbians to some degree. I bet lyou taht Spencer Nicks has had her fair share of threesomes in her lifetime… My god that would be hot to watch – Spencer Nicks and her giant boobs getting it on with another chick?

No push up bra needed… Not Spencer Nicks. All she needs is that red bustier pushing her boobs up to the sky. That’s enough to keep us intersted for the rest of our lives.

Spencer Nicks is marriage material for sure. Fuck yeah.

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