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Super Hot Snow Bunny

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Rochard’s Bunny Ranch focuses mostly on solo girls (which is a dying niche) but we also like other odd things here. One of them are women who get naked in the snow. We call them snow bunnies. Or at least I do.

Not sure how this started. I think a friend of mine who was pretty hot went skiing one day and took some pictures while skiining in a bikini top. I thought that was hot. I have no idea why a woman would be wiling to get naked or even half naked outside in the snow. Fuck that shit. It’s cold in the snow. Why would any woman do this? I know why. The truth is women just like to show off, even when it’s cold. Women are like that. But it’s hot.

So after my friend posted her pictures I looked for more and eventually created a category for women getting naked in the snow… Or Snow Bunnies as I call them.

This chick is actually named Crissy Snow…. She is from This Year’s Model. Smoking hot.

Turns out Chrissy Snow has a great rack too… Yum!

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