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London Not Paris

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Is it me or does London Hart look like Paris Hilton? Okay, maybe a Paris Hilton with boobs. Because I know Paris Hilton doesn’t have boobs like London Hart.. Paris Hilton should be so lucky!

Damn, London Hart has some huge knockers!

wild sexy-lingerie2

And what’s up with naming girls the names of cities? London? Paris? Even Savannah…. Just once I’d like to meet a girl named Boston or Atlanta. Imagine being able to say “I fucked Atlanta last night”.

Then again, trust me, I’d have no problems calling out “London” in the middle of the night while London Hart was riding high on me!

wild sexy-lingerie1wild sexy-lingerie4wild sexy-lingerie6wild sexy-lingerie8

You can just tell London Hart is ready to get fucked hard!

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