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Sexy Pattycake’s Sexy Bra

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Everyone has always had a thing for Sexy Pattycake… She’s cute, has big boobs, and is a hot little perky tight blonde… She’s a little bit on the wild side. I don’t mean kinky side; She’s just a little weird…  Her photoshoots are weird. But super cute. And Sexy Pattycake has a nice rack too.

When a hot blonde chick has a huge rack and she wraps it up in a sexy bra like this…. Have you ever seen such a sexy bra before? I’ve seen a lot chicks get naked in my lifetime, most than most men, but I dont’ recall ever seeing a bra like this before… It’s freaking sexy the way her boobs rest in that sexy bra….

And the landing strip Sexy Pattycake has is super sexy too…. And those panties. Those panties are sliding down around her knees and once panties go down below the knees we know those panties are not coming back up…. Someone is about to get lucky.

I wish it was me getting ready to bang Sexy Pattycake.

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