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Caitlin McSwain

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This Year’s Model has done it again. Every time they have a new girl she seems to be hotter then the one before. I don’t know how they do it; It’s sort of like FTV Girls. The chicks just get hotter and hotter and hotter. It’s like they know exactly where to find them.

This chick is the perfect example. Her name is Caitlin McSwain. I have no idea where they found her but she is every inch of perfect. She looks so tiny too; I bet you Caitlin McSwain likes to ride on top of cock and it would be just fucking magical.

Look at the breasts Caitlin McSwain has. They are the most perfect breasts I have ever seen.

Yes, you can tell Caitlin McSwain is a wild one. She is not the kind of chick that just lays there while you fuck her – Caitlin McSwain is the kind of chick that wants to climb of top of you, pin you to the bed, and then fuck your brains out.

We like chicks like this.

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