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Super Slutty Schoolgirl

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Why is it that any women can put on a short plaid skirt, some thigh high white stocks, and black high heels and suddenly we want to fuck a school girl? Misty Anderson might be a bit old for a school girl, but that’s fine with us – because we still want to do obscene things with Misty Anderson all day long and all night long…..

I could see Misty Anderson lifting up that little schoolgirl skirt, bending her over, pulling down her sexy white panties, and having my way with her!

misty anderson slutty schoolgirl1

See, I told you Misty Anderson was wearing white panties!

I so love it when schoolgirls spread their legs and show us their panties!

misty anderson slutty schoolgirl2

Of course, we’ve made our life goal to see Misty Anderson and her sexy white panties!

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