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Super Sexy Hot Raimi Milller

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Raimi Miller – also known as XXX Raimi and Raimi Lightspeed – was always my favorite Lightspeed Girl. I shot a lot of the content on her site and also the Lightspeed Sorority website. Sigh. Those were the days.

There was something about her… She was cute but also naive. It was easy to get her to do whatever you wanted her to do. A number of times she got herself into trouble and needed some help and I was always her first call… The time her car caught on fire, when she couldn’t pay her taxes, when her friend got seriously hurt, when she needed a new dining room table…

We don’t think of Raimi Miller when we think of chicks with great racks, but she does in fact still have beautiful boobs… I loved those boobs! Yum! I loved playing with them…

Raimi Miller was always up for fun and games… Secretly I think she was bi-sexual. Then again I guess most chicks her age are in fact bi-sexual.. She used to love to get it on with other girls. Any chance she got to do a photoshoot with another chick and she was there…. Raimi Miller was always so much fun!

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