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Raimi’s Sweet Tight Ass

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I’ve always loved Raimi from Lightspeed.

She’s cute, fun to be with, always up for anything, and never says no. Well at least I’ve never heard her say no. Not yet.

Raimi also had the perfect little body too. As much as I like big boobs Raimi has small boobs, but just big enough to get me excited… She was cute, sexy blonde hair, thin, flat belly… And oh god she loved to play dress up. No matter what we wanted her to dress up in she was up to it. That’s the Raimi I have come to know and love.

Look at that tight ass… Perfect for a spanking or getting fucked from behind.

You know the drill with panties… Once those panties drop down below her knees they surely aren’t going back up! Once those panties come down she’s getting dirty!

Raimi also looked sexy in high heels too!

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