11 months ago

Private School Jewel Takes A Shower Naked

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I still remember the old school days…. I remember when the solo girls all reigned supreme. When chicks like Private School Jewel reigned surpreme. Sigh.

So today is Thursday so I guess let’s do a little Thursday throwback…. We can start with Private School Jewel – in the shower. Naked.

Private School Jewel has small tits and that’s not usually my thing, but truth be told I love a little bit of variety. There is nothing wrong with small tits. If Private School Jewel was in my shower I would be right up in there with her, rubbing up against her naughty parts….

Of course a chick like Private School Jewel needs to wash those small little tits too…. I would gladly rub her breasts. With my hands. From behind while rubbing my cock up on her ass…..

Who wouldn’t want to wash her boobies?

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Private School Jewel

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