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I Still Love Misty Anderson

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All kidding aside I miss the old days.

I miss the day when I could hang out with a chick like Misty Anderson, or the excitement when she released a new set of photos. Oh those were the fun days. I met Misty Anderson when she was  young, meaning twenty-one or twenty-two. She had a killer rack and a tight body; She loved to work out and looked fucking fantastic in a bikini. In fact, the first night I met her we went up to my hotel room and shot a funny video of her working out in her bikini. Because, you know, that’s exactly what you expect me to do. Oh, those were the fun days.

I am not sure who shot this photo – it doesn’t see to be from her old website – but it’s super hot. You know the saying…. One those panties slide down below the knees they aren’t going to go back up… and you are getting laid!

Love those fucking high heels too!

I told you… Misty Anderson always had a perfect rack. She has just the right size of boobs… Not too big, but not small either. Big enough to play with, fun to watch when they bounce around, and omg they look utterly pefect in a bikini!

I still love Misty Anderson.

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