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Ewa Sonnet Busting Out

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When you have breasts like Ewa Sonnet does, every article of clothing she’s ever owned must have her breasts sticking out. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bra or a shirt or a bikini – her breasts are just like popping out. This might be a pain in the ass for her, but it’s also the best thing that’s ever happened to her. If Ewa Sonnet didn’t have any breasts she would still be beautiful. Put some tight pants on her, high heels, and boom, she’s smoking hot. But with the huge breasts Ewa Sonnet pops.

I wonder if Ewa Sonnet floats with those huge knockers.

Ewa Sonnet sure is beautiful.

You also know that all women are so jealous of Ewa Sonnet and her huge boobies. Women like breasts as much as men do – most chicks are secretly closet lesbians anyhow – and when they see a chick like Ewa Sonnet with her huge boobs they get jealous. I would do.

I just want to motorboat her.

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