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Meet Madden Is Patriotic

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Madden is rather patriotic….. In fact, she’s always been like this – a good old country girl. She drives a big pick up truck and all. So it comes as no surprise that Madden is an all American girl with an American flag dress.

How very patriotic of her.

Doesn’t look like there is much to that dress. In fact, it looks like it’s very skin, almost like you would be able to see right through it under the right conditions. In fact, it looks like you could just lift that skirt up and and have your way with her at any time…. Now I am wondering if she is wearing panties. We have seen lots of pictures of Madden in her panties before so we know she does wear them even if they are for show…. but when Madden is wearing a little dress like this I think she is wearing them for one purpose and one purpose only and panties would just get in the way.

I bet you Madden was out by the river just to fuck! Because Madden thinks just like we do!

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