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Madden’s Blue Corvette

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Well this is different…. Haven’t seen a real picture of Madden in some time. She’s a bit MILFY now. I think I like it.

I’ve been in love with Madden since the first photo I saw of her. She was wearing a plaid little skirt and a sweater and looked like a preppy little college girl in a short skirt and I wanted to do dirty things to her right there and then. And from that moment on it seems like time stood still and Madden never got a day older. She was forever twenty or twenty-one or whatever. I know that’s not true but that’s how it seems. I will forever remember Madden as she was when I first saw her…

I went looking for some pictures of Madden for the blog today and this is what I found… Milftastic. Wow. Don’t get me wrong she looks hot but…. She’s now MILF material.

And what the fuck is that on her ring finger? Yikes. Damn, we lost that bet didn’t we?



Then again, you know the saying…. for everyone hot chick out there you know there is someone who is tried of banging her…. I find it hard to believe that someone would get tired of banging MILF Madden but if so please call me. I’ll fill in for you and take care her myself.

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