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Madden Has A Nice Rack

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I never really noticed this about Madden but she has a nice rack.

I always think of her as a teen with small perky boobs…. Then again, we’ve been watching Madden online for some time now so maybe she is growing up a bit. This is a good thing for us – she is still young – I’m guessing twenty-two or twenty-four – but as she gets older her boobs get bigger and bigger. It’s a winning combination. She’s still thin but now she has big boobs…

Bounce bounce bounce.

Now this will be even hotter when Madden is riding on top of you topless and her huge boobs are bouncing around….

With all of the flags going on Madden looks patriotic…. Which is sexy in itself.

Then again, I know Madden is an All American Girl. She likes to drive around in big all American trucks and look at horses. It doesn’t get much more all American than that.

Now we just need Madden to put on some high heels and wear some less clothes out in public. At least something that gives us easy access or at least something that she can take off quickly because… You know… We might want access quickly at any given moment!

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