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Hot Bra And Panties

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Men are so lucky these days. Back when I was younger, bras and panties were rather dull affairs. While we all wanted to see our girlfriends in their bra and panties – in fact, we lived for it – the truth is they were usually all the same – white or black, nothing exciting about them. Now chicks like Meet Madden can get the sexiest panties and matching bras at their local target store. I’m not sure where Meet Madden lives, but I have been in her members area before and seen her videos, and from what I saw it looks like Meet Madden lives out in the country in the middle of no where….

But we are thankful that she likes to show off her sexy bra and panties!

meet madden sexy bra panties

I swear I would eat Jell-O out of her belly button!

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