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Lily Luvs Can Cook

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We’ve already figured out that Lily Luvs is the closest thing to perfection that we’ve seen us for a long, long time. But there was still one question that hasn’t been answered. And it’s an important one. The answer tells us if Lily Luvs is marriage material, or if she’s more of a one night stand type of chick…..

Can she cook?

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It’s an important question, because if Lily Luvs can’t cook she’s more of a one night stand type of thing, not worthy of marriage.

However, it seems that Lily Luvs can in fact cook. Or at least operate a microwave. And she looks oh so hot while she’s doing it with her sexy blonde hair up, her tight little ass in a tiny little pair of booty shorts, and slutty high heels….. Oh, that silly Lily Luvs loves her fucking high heels!

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