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Okay, your not gonna believe this. There I am in San Diego this past weekend when my cell rings. It just happens to be the guy who runs Lia19’s Website. He tells me that Lia19 is also in San Diego, and that he’ll have her give me a call. I don’t get my hopes up with such things so I go about my business there in San Diego. Then she calls. Imagine that.

So we plan to meet up for a late lunch early dinner type of thing. (Keep in mind this is not a date – just a friendly get together type of thing.) So we meet in the bar of a hotel. She shows up all dressed; She was on her way to a photoshoot. Fine by me. So we are walking down this outside hallway to the bar area and I mention I brought my camera. She starts posing right there, lifts her leg up onto the wall and here’s the result.

Ain’t it just a shame?

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