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Lia 19 Is Still Hot

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Every so often I get questions via email asking “Why do you post up old pictures?”. Well, I like what I like. And I find it amazing that after twenty plus years in the industry there are still photos of my favorite models that I have never seen… Wait, what? Lia 19 posed for Penthouse? Where was I when that happened and why didn’t I know about it?

Lia 19 still has her site up and if there is content out there you haven’t seen then it’s new to you and you can still fap fap fap fap to it right? Hot.

This is Lia 19 in Penthouse… Say what you want but the original big three- Penthouse, Hustler, and Playboy – have a certain knack for their photos. The content on Lia 19‘s site has always been good, but this is a step up. The high heels are super sexy too.

Lia 19 is still hot to this very day. I am friends with her – not call her up and chat kind of friend but when we do run into each other we always have a nice chat – and she still looks smoking hot to this very day. It’s kind of nice – Lia 19 is more of a MILF and has bigger boobs now. And that’s a win for me.

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