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Shayla Jennings Nu Haircut

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Sometimes I love my industry. Once a week or so a bunch of us get together online and hold a secret conference call where we all talk about the solo girls in the industry. It’s sort of like “fight club”, and the first rule is we never talk about it. So let’s just pretend that I never mentioned it.

With that said, this is where I learn about who got a new boob job or which solo model has secretly been fucking which solo model in a hot lesbian tryst, that kind of stuff. This week Shyla Jennings came in up in conversation. Whoa. Seems she got a new hair cut.

shayla jennings new haircut

Of co use, being a member of this secret inner gossip society I quick asked for a picture. I’m glad I did. I think I like the new hair cut Shyla Jennings has!!!

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