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Tight Sexy Booty Shorts

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Lacey Brooks is no longer a teen, but she’s smoking hot. She sort of reminds me of a young, sexier Heidi Montag. Lacey Brooks sure does have the perfect body.

Today she’s wearing a hoodie. I couldn’t pull this look off, but she pulls it off nicely. Loving the booty shorts!

lacey brooks hoodie booty shorts1

And when Lacey Brooks takes off her sweat shirt she shows us she’s wearing a a sexy tank top… And the pigtails! Nothing says “I want to get fucked hard” more than pigtails!

It seems Lacey Brooks always wears her hair up in pigtails… That tells us all we need to know about Lacey Brooks!!!

lacey brooks hoodie booty shorts2 lacey brooks hoodie booty shorts3 lacey brooks hoodie booty shorts4 lacey brooks hoodie booty shorts5

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