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Mexico 2007

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Every year or so myself and one hundred of my friends go down to Mexico. Our yearly trip is coming up in a few weeks and I couldn’t be more excited.

We go down to a little down about sixty miles of San Diego. We used to rent out an entire town there – it’s dirt cheap – but now so many people go that we rent out an entire hotel, including a dozen small houses they have there.

This isn’t going down like a tourist – this is third world Mexico. There is nothing there but the beach and a Cantina; It’s three days of drinking. Last year we brought Mini Kiss with us – You already know what I think about midgets and it was funny as hell to see them all drunker than skunks. I’ll be driving my Cobra right down into Mexico and models usually come with us, so at the very least I should come back with some interesting photos.

So I’ll be gone for a few days with no internet connection – and will be unable to update my blog. Don’t fear because I’ll return with some killer pictures!

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