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Hot FTV Girl Hot Sexy Car

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Leave it to FTV Girls to knock it out of the park.

This is Samantha from FTV Girls. Nice rack, totally hittable. Looks like she is getting something from the trunk of her sexy sports car. Sexy chick, sexy sports car. FTV Girls is well known for their collection of sexy, fast, and expensive sport cars…. I do recall something about a Lambo. Looks like Samantha is out in the middle of no where getting something from the trunk of her sexy little car there… You just know her tits didn’t fall out by accident; That never happens. Of if it does it happens rarely. It looks like Samantha from FTV Girls is up to something. She’s about to surprise her man with a nice little surprise… A little bit of sexy time on the side of the road.

Not sure about you but I would be  more than willing to bang Samantha with her tits hanging out right on the side of the road like this… Wouldn’t be the first time. Won’t be the lst time either.

Yep. Just bend her over and go for it. Looks like the fun.

The rest of the photos from FTV Girls of Samantha are hot and sexy as well. I would expect nothing less from FTV Girls at this point.


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