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Misty The Ferrari

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The Internet is full of beautiful women. All hail Al Gore and his finest creation!

If Misty Anderson was a car there is no doubt she would be a Ferrari, with her body done by Pininfarina. She has all of the curves in the right places, nice tires, nice headlights; She’s built for speed and can outlast all of us!

Nice ass – And a nice thong!!!

sexy misty anderson red bra panties2

I love…. I love women on their hands and knees with their legs spread. She wants it; She wants it from behind and she wants to be hit hard!

I’d love to be the person to hit Misty Anderson…. Over and over and over again, nightly, but not ever so lightly.

sexy misty anderson red bra panties3

She’s the one I’d sell my soul to the devil for!!!!

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