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Sexy Dirty Aly

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I love  Dirty Aly. She’s one of the few solo girls I knew personally.

She was a handful. From day one  Dirty Aly was a fucking handful. She showed up on her eighteenth birthday. She had wanted to be a stripper and planned it all out, but on it turns out  in Arizona at the time you needed some kind of a permit to be a stripper and that took two weeks… So in order to get naked she decided to do it with us. We bought her a birthday cake and all, and put her content up that day if I recall correctly.

I am a tit man, and clearly  Dirty Aly does not ahve big tits… but there was always something special about her boobs… They were small but  perfect.  Dirty Aly had small perfect boobs… Who doesn’t like this? Just big enough to play with…. Yum.

Sometimes I think the best part of  Dirty Aly was that she was always up for anything. She would show up to the studio having no idea what we were make her do that day (meaning pay her to do) and she was just up for anything. We would be like “okay, today you are going to have a threesome with Tawnee Stone and Jordan Capri” and she was like “thumbs up”. Chicks like this are hard to find.

And lots of fun.

But then again  Dirty Aly was always lots of fun.

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