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Destiny Moody Has Perfect Breasts

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Sometimes when I see Destiny Moody I just have to catch my breath. Not only is she beautiful in every way you can imagine, but she has the most perfect breasts.

Take a look at her breasts – they are utterly perfect. Sort of stick out like headlights….

It wasn’t until I scrolled down that I noticed Destiny Moody had lifted up her dress, moved her panties over to the side, and is showing us her pussy. I guess I got blinded by her flawless breasts. It’s always the first thing I see.

This is what I love about dresses like this. So damn easy to get to the goodies, the good stuff. She can pull out her titties at a moment’s notice, and with just a slight bit more effort you can get to her pussy. Any time I see chicks in a dress like this I get excited because I know in seconds I could seeing and playing with all of the good parts I want to see and play with.

God damn Destiny Moody is just perfect all around.

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