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Panties Down Around Her Knees

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This is pretty much exactly how I want to see Destiny Moody…. With her fucking panties down around her knees.

Out of all of the solo girls I’ve banged – and there has been quite a few- Destiny Moody is the one I always wanted to bang but never go the chance to bang… In fact, I’ve never met her.

Now I’ve been writing about solo girls here on this blog since about 2005 or five so. That’s fifteen long years; that’s a long time for a blog. I’ve seen a lot of solo girls come and go. Some were hotter than others, some I posted because I felt they needed to be included here, and yet others because I owed their webmasters favors. Some shouldn’t have been posted here at all. But after all of this time Destiny Moody ranks up there in the top three…. I can’t think of any solo girl who is hotter.

Allison Angel is hot and lots of fun, blonde, super sexy, but Destiny Moody is prettier and sexier. I don’t like girls with dark hair; I like blondes and redheads (although I can write an entire book about redheads….). Blondes are always so much more fun, and these days a lot more rare. But still Destiny Moody ranks up here with the best of them – those boobs, those legs, that perfectly flat little belly… And that innocent little look on her face that says “I want you to think I am innocent, but honestly I am a very dirty little whore who gets off an doing anything you like”. At the end of the day all of thse chicks are the same… They play hard to get but they all like getting fucked.

I bet Destiny Moody like fucking doggie style…

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