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Destiny Moody Playing Pool

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I remember back when I shot content. Any chance we ever got to shoot with a pool table we jumped on it. You know why. You’ve been there. When you head out to the bars and you are shooting pool, you always see THAT CHICK. You know, the sexy one who thinks she can play pool. It doesn’t matter much that she sucks because, well, it’s super hot and sexy when they bend over. It doesn’t matter if she has on a short skirt or a tight pair of jeans, or even something casual like a pair of shorts…. No matter what it’s hot when they are bending over in public like this, showing off their ass. It’s almost like they are saying “I will take it in the ass for you”.

Of course, Destiny Moody takes playing pool to the next level. That really isn’t much of a skirt now is it? It isn’t. That is the kind of skirt that is so small and so tiny and so light that a breeze lifts up that skirt and shows us the world. Now imagine that tiny little skirt on a hot chick like Destiny Moody playing pool. Any time she bends over she shows us the entire world. That’s not much of a skirt now is it?

What makes it even hotter is that she is only wearing a tiny, itty bitty, little thong….

Who wouldn’t want to play pool with sexy Destiny Moody when she’s dress like this?

Oh, did I fail to mention she isn’t working a top. Or least the top came off.

If I had the chance to play pool with Destiny Moody… I would be ripping those panties off of her and fucking her brains out right against the pool table. And I wouldn’t take no for an answer too.

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