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Destiny Moody Is Smoking Hot In Sweat Pants

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Destiny Moody is in fact the kind of girl that can wear anything and still look smoking hot. It’s amazing how she can do this.

We’ve all had girlfriends we’e lived with. It’s always fun at first. They wear different things around the house, dress casually – you know, the kinds of things they wouldn’t normally wear out in public. But Destiny Moody takes it to a whole new level here doesn’t she? She could wear a pair of sweat pants and long t-shirt, but where is the fun in that? Destiny Moody knows what you like, she knows what men like… The more skin she shows off the hotter it is and the more she is teasing you.

Could you imagine spending all of a Saturday afternoon with Destiny Moody dressed up like this? Yum.

The flat stomach is one thing – you could bounce a quarter off of that in a heartbeat (or better yet drink shots out of her belly button!) – but the cleavage is another thing completely. My lord, would you look at her belly and her chest? This is why I think Destiny Moody is the hottest solo girl ever. Too hot for us to handle!

I’m not sure if I could spend an entire locked up with Destiny Moody when she’s wearing this without trying to get her name….

But it would be fun to try!

I also couldn’t imagine eating with Destiny Moody either. One time I was eating breakfast at 3am with a solo model (no names mentioned!) and she was eating strawberries and she was sort of sucking on them and looking at me… And I wanted to do her right there and in the booth we were in. I didn’t though – Didn’t have the balls.

Sometimes I wonder if I was with Destiny Moody if I would have the balls to make her happy….


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