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Corin Riggs The Stripper

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Ah, Corin Riggs…. Back in the day the models weren’t exactly paid too much to pose naked for their “webmasters” (read: boss). I mean it was good money for the amount of work they did and even more so back in 2002 or 2003. Models such as Corin Riggs could make a one hundred or two hundred dollars a day for modeling. That sounds like a lot but it was only one day a week or every other week – not enough money for a sexy twenty-two to live off of. So chicks like Corin Riggs usually did “other work”.  Sometimes it was escorting, but usually it meant stripping…. And that’s hot.

This is what Corin Riggs looked like as a stripper… I bet you she could work the stripper pole too… She looks like she was born to be a stripper.

I think it might be possible Corin Riggs lost her panties…. That’s hot and sexy. Crazy sexy.

Not sure why they have a bag of cat litter in the background lol. That’s weird. Then again, not everyone is a photographer.

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