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Sexy Golf

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One just never knows what to expect when you log into the members area of Kate’s Playground….. Damn, Kate Grounds has done it again and knocked my socks off!

I’ve never thought golf to be sexy, but Kate Grounds just changed my mind!

kates playground naked golf1

So, close your eyes and picture this…..

Kate Grounds wants to learn how to play golf, and wants you to teach her. She’s not wearing a bra. Kate Grounds bends over and you stand behind her with your arms wrapped around her. He ass is touching your crotch….

kates playground naked golf2 kates playground naked golf3 kates playground naked golf4 kates playground naked golf5

I’d instantly bust a nut.

If that’s not enough, how about this final shot of Kate Grounds playing golf? Yummy!

kates playground naked golf7

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