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Corin Riggs Naked

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Corin Riggs was one of the hottest solo girls but she was way before her time… She came blazing onto the scene and was gone before anyone knew it. And she was hot. Oh my god she was so hot. She didn’t tease us or any of that nonsense; She was always willing to get full on naked…. And Corin Riggs was in fact beautiful when she was naked.

After all of these years I have in fact become a boob man, and Corin Riggs had a beautiful pair of boobs…. They were just the right size – big enough so that everyone got to see them no matter what she was wearing but yet not big enough to hurt you when she was riding on top of you…. She is all around perfect.

If Corin Riggs continued on her path as a solo girl she would have been more popular than Destiny Moody…..

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