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Lipstick Kisses

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So, um, it’s no big secret that nothing turns me on more than watching two women kiss. Like this….

sexy raimi and stacy bride lesbian kiss

It doesn’t matter if it’s two lesbians or two girlfriends in a night club who have had just a tad too much to drink. The truth is all women are lesbians and they love to kiss each other, and it’s my soul purpose in life to encourage this. With that in mind I’ve launched a new blog called Lipstick Kisses, dedicated to women kissing other women!

great new lesbian kiss website

Check it out when you have time cats! Maybe next I’ll do a blog about hot women in cowboy hats! LOL!

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  • damn i want to be Raimi miller

    bryce April 21, 2008 7:46 am

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