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Corin Riggs Is Smoking Hot

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Rochard’s Bunny Ranch blog started off as an experiment… At the time I had been working at Lightspeed and WordPress had just come out and I want to see how our affilaites (people who promoted our sites) could use WordPress. I had the Rochard’s Bunny Ranch domain without a real site on it and was just using it for various purposes, testing of software, development, and to host photos. I installed WordPress, had a crappy template, and I was off and running. Although I had been an affiliate of a number of adult sites and I used to run dozens of “girly sites” – my first site was a daily bikini site called Zachary’s Daily Dose – I had pretty much left them all behind when I started working in adult full time.

Today I spent some of my day doing maintenance on the blog itself…. Making thumbnails for older posts that didn’t have thumbnails. This means going through older posts that I haven’t seen in a decade. (While I was working on this I was watching a documentary about the making of the Star Wars trilogy on Disney Plus which was fantastic.)

That’s when I came across some old photos of Corin Riggs.

There was a lot of solo girls back then. It was both fun and easy money. It was a bit tricky getting models back then; The Internet was new and most nineteen and twenty year old woman weren’t too interested in getting naked in front of a strange man for money. It sounded so dirty. But there was enough women willing to do it to make it work.

Some models were hotter than others, but of course that is a matter of taste. Everyone had their favorites for whatever reason. I myself tend to like blondes – Like Alison Angel for example. However, beautiful is still beautiful.

Some models did well and were marketed well while others were smoking hot but were still little known. Corin Riggs is one such chick. She was beautiful, stunning body, but yet no one really knew about her. But that doesn’t take away the fact that she was smoking fucking hot. She’s as hot as Destiny Moody.

Look at her boobs…

Corin Riggs is one of the most under rated and lesser known solo girls in the adult industry. I wish I knew her. I swear it looks like all of her photos were taken in Phoenix, which is where I lived at the time. Not sure why I never met her.

I did some research on Corin Riggs and she ended up shooting for Playboy…. And of course I eventually went to work for Playboy too.

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