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Corin Riggs In Playboy

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Let’s talk about one of my favorite models and… Playboy.

The model in question is Corin Riggs. She was a hottie; I believe she was from Arizona. Oddly enough I never met her. But she was cute, had a great rack, and I’ve never heard a bad thing about her… You know how I love bikinis and you know how I love titties… And it seems Corin Riggs has exactly what I want from a woman.

She looks good.

And it seems she posed for Playboy Girls.

Little known fact… I created Playboy Girls. This was back when I worked for Playboy, which was a most interesting story. I have lots of good stories about working for Playboy, and it will be on my resume fro the rest of my life. Not too many people can say that.

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