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Remembering Chase The Hottie

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It’s hard to imagine but there was once a time when it was difficult to get a chick to pose for a picture.

Some of us considered ourselves photographers and we loved nothing more than taking pictures of hot chicks, usually in sexy / slutty outfits and various states of undress. We loved pictures where they used to tease us. Some of you might not remember when women were shy and didn’t like having their pictures taken. It’s a completely different world now. Now it’s basically a requirement when dating a chick that you can take pictures for them for their social media accounts.

But back then…. We had chicks like Chase The Hottie who secretly enjoyed teasing us with their sexy photos…

She was hot. Super hot. And I loved her little teasing photos.

Her website is no longer online but you better believe all of her photos are in fact online. That’s the beautiful thing right there.

It’s new to you if you have never seen her before…

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